The Traphouse Jazz EP takes its name from the studio where it was recorded, the Boyoom Traphouse. In this hut in the middle of the city of Zurich, the okvsho brothers developed their sound between tram noise and demonstrations in the epicentre of the Zurich music scene. Through classical beatmaking they discovered jazz and fell in love with it. Since then their music has developed into a mixture of classical Dilla-Hiphop, jazz, funk and Neosoul.

GET YOUR COPY: Traphouse Jazz 12” Vinyl

GET YOUR COPY: Traphouse Jazz 12” Vinyl



All instrumentals are composed and recorded by Okvsho (Georg & Christoph Kiss) at the Boyoom Traphouse


Cariño: written and interpreted by Sreya (Luana Bürgger)    

River Limmat: written and interpreted by blanca (Blanca Bianchi)

Long Walks: written by Dylan.negative (Dylan Moore) , interpreted by Dylan.negative & Asé (Viviana Alicia Cardona)


Cariño: Trumpet played by Luis Botter Maio 

River Limmat: Trumpet played by Luis Botter Maio

Mixing / Mastering by Roland Steinklopfer at Subglue Studios

Graphics / Artwork by Dylan Moore 

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